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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

  1. 4 HomeStars Deck Projects at Different Price Points written by Karen Rhamey May 16, 2019

  2. Before starting the process of finding, interviewing, and hiring a contractor for any home project, you’ll want a solid understanding of how much you should expect to pay and the quality of the product you will receive in return. When it comes to deck installation, the final cost of your project in large part is determined by the deck’s material and the deck’s size. While this seems simple enough, it can be hard to envision how those these abstracts will look when they eventually appear in your back or front yard. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some of our favourite review photos of HomeStars deck projects at four different price points.Under $10,000: Basic Deck or Porch in Toronto, Ontario

    Toronto-based The Custom Deck Company took on these two projects for under 10 thousand dollars. They incorporated planters and a privacy fence into the rear deck, while the front porch is made entirely of cedar and incorporates a beautifully detailed railing. These are both fantastic designs for homeowners looking for decks on the smaller side, with some basic add ons. Cedar decks tend to be slightly more expensive than pressure treated lumber, so there is a trade-off between size and material. If you like either of these designs, it’s time to find a deck specialist in your area who can help bring it to life.Under $15,000: Deck with Add-Ons in Markham, Ontario
    Infinity Decks completed this beautiful backyard deck construction in Markham. These homeowners wanted to replace and extended their dated deck, as well as add a privacy fence and bench. This deck is constructed of pressure treated lumber, includes a bench with planters and a small privacy fence. Costing just over 10 thousand dollars, this project is a great example of the fantastic quality a mid-range budget can get you. For projects of this size, pressure treated lumber will most likely be the most economical option. If you’re considering a design with similar add ons for your backyard, we recommend consulting a number of deck installation pros before committing to a final concept.Under $20,000: Composite Deck in Toronto, Ontario
    Royal Innovation built a beautiful composite deck for this Toronto backyard. This deck features lights on the stairs and a beautiful glass and aluminum railing. Composite is typically longer-lasting than organic alternatives like cedar and pressure treated lumber, which explains why this deck project cost approximately 15 thousand dollars. There are many different kinds of composite, so be sure to consult with a deck installation company who specializes in composite models.More than $20,000: Multi-Level Composite Deck in Calgary, Alberta
    Calgary’s Gray Jay Carpentry installed this beautiful multi-tiered composite deck for 30 thousand dollars. The upper level of the deck is the perfect size for a dining table is complete with additional seating in the form of a built-in bench. The lowest level is perfect for casual seating and hosting larger groups. If your household loves to entertain, get started on a deck project like this with the help of a pro.If you’re feeling inspired by these projects, it’s time to find a pro who can bring your vision to life. From material to size and add ons, there are many ways to customize these designs to suit your budget and backyard. Don’t spend another long weekend indoors – get your deck project started today!

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